DECADE is now open at the RHA GALLERY

Donald Teskey - Decade at the RHA

Decade at the RHA Gallery

From Crum Creek, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA to the west coast of Ireland and the streets of Paris, Decade traces Teskey’s remarkable skill in articulating the energy and tactility of nature.
Spreading large swaths of pigment across the canvas with trowels and palette knives, Teskey emphasises the vigour and transience of the natural world. As chaos and precision unite in nature to produce its splendour, so too do fluidity and order combine in Teskey’s application of paint, enlivening the elements that he depicts.
Teskey synthesises representation and abstraction in many of his paintings: at a distance, sharp, in-focus depictions of space are observed; move closer and image dissolves into paint.
Whether street, shore, stream or forest, Teskey’s renderings of the world around him are, at once, fleeting moments frozen in layers of paint, and animated representations of a pulsating natural world. Decade invites you to immerse yourself in the diverse qualities of Teskey’s artistic process and the places he depicts.

Donald Teskey - River, High Noon 2021 150 x 150  oil on canvas

Donald Teskey - River, High Noon 2021 150 x 150 oil on canvas